Oil, tar, acrylics and whatever on canvas, paper, panel and more...



Fine Arts Program, Area of Concentration - Painting, Asbury College, Wilmore, KY




  • Al Smith Fellowship. Professional Artist Assistance Award. 1996 and 2010

  • EcoArt Grant Award, Lexington Fayette-Urban County Government Department of Environmental Quality. 2011

  • Woodland Arts Fair. Best of Kentucky Award. August 2012

Marco Logsdon
Contemporary Artist

Non-Objective, Abstract, Mixed Media


Artist Statement

Painting provides mental relief and allows me to come to terms with daily existence. I am very unromantic about the notion of being an artist and making art. I produce objects that document the fact I did something constructive on any given day. These pieces are like time sheets for my life.


I use oil and tar to create and preserve the idea of a landscape painting. My pieces have a planetary feel that transcends the physical world for greater awareness. They are lonely, apocalyptic and beautiful all at once. I use found wood – from a dumpster or scraps from a carpenter friend – which accounts for size variations and irregularities. I play off the wood patterning of each piece, and finish with a coat of resin that infuses light to reflect an imaginary world that could be.  


Contemporary art and artists inspire the evolution of my work. I gravitate towards non-representational or abstract art because it often defies the limits of articulation. It can move you on a level that cannot be explained, nor does it have to be. I work to create quiet places where narration is unnecessary to experience form and color.


Exhibition Highlights
  • Lexington Council for the Arts. Three Man Show. Lexington, KY. 1/89

  • Artsplace Gallery. Six Year Retrospective Invitational Exhibition. Lexington, KY. 9/90

  • Artswatch Gallery. Lavender Art and Craft Exhibit. Honorable Mention. Louisville, KY. 6/92

  • Southern Illinois University. Arts in Celebration. Carbondale, IL. 9/92

  • Artsplace Gallery. Three Man Show. Lexington, KY. 8/92

  • Artist's Attic. Annual Competition. 3rd. Place. Lexington, KY. 9/92

  • Water Tower. Louisville Visual Art Association Water Tower Annual. Louisville, KY. 4/93

  • Artsplace Gallery. Lexington Council for Arts, Two Man Show. Lexington, KY. 2/97

  • Van de Griff Gallery. One Man Show. Santa Fe, NM. 5/98

  • Central Public Library. Two Man Show. Lexington, KY. 12/98

  • Water Tower. Louisville Visual Art Association Water Tower Annual. Merit Award. Louisville, KY. 3/99

  • Swanson-Cralle East Market. Two Man Show. Louisville, KY. 1/00

  • Arts on Main Juried Exhibition. Shelbyville, KY. 7-9/00

  • Swanson-Cralle East Market. One Man Show. Louisville, KY. 9/01

  • Kentucky Visions Invitational Exhibition. Governors Mansion. Frankfort, KY. 4/03

  • Swanson Reed Contemporary. One Man Show. Louisville, KY. 5/04

  • Swanson Reed Contemporary. “M Art after Minimalism Group Show.” Louisville, KY. 5/05

  • Arts on Main Juried Exhibition. Shelbyville, KY. 8/05

  • Swanson Reed Contemporary. One Man Show. Louisville, KY. 5/06

  • Logsdon 1909 Gallery & Studio. One Man Show. Chicago, IL. 9/06

  • Logsdon 1909 Gallery & Studio. Two Man Show. Chicago, IL. 5/07

  • Swanson Reed Contemporary. One Man Show. Tertiary White. Chicago, IL. 11/08

  • Logsdon 1909 Gallery. One Man Show. Tertiary White. Chicago, IL. 1/09

  • Artsplace. Kentucky Painters Forum. Lexington, KY. 8/09

  • Logsdon 1909 Gallery. WonderSky. Chicago, IL. 8/09

  • MS Rezny Gallery. Present in Landscape. Lexington, KY. 4/10

  • Owensboro Museum of Fine Art. River Country. Owensboro, KY. 12/11

  • Artsplace Gallery. Possibilities of Wood. Lexington, KY. 4/12

  • MS Rezny Gallery. Pattern and Recognition. Lexington, KY. 6/12

  • The Black Lodge. The Human Console. Lexington, KY. 6/13

  • MS Rezny Gallery. 3 x 33 Group Show. Lexington, KY. 9/13

  • Community Arts Center. Weathered and Reclaimed Solo Show, Danville, KY. 8/14

  • Living Arts & Sciences Center. Pattern, Color, and Form: The Art of Marco Logsdon and Nicole Hand. Lexington, KY. 11/14

  • MS Rezny Gallery. Co-Joined: Painting, photography and mixed media by Marco Logsdon and Michael Wayne. Lexington, KY 6/15

  • MS Rezny Gallery. Subjective Neutrality:  A non-objective exploration of muted colors and tar on reclaimed materials. Lexington, KY 10/16

  • Community Arts Center. New Year New Art. Danville, KY 2/17

  • Zephyr Gallery. Deliberation: Slow and careful movement of thought. Louisville, KY 3/17

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