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May 23, 1998

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Critical Commentary
Sarah Pickering

[review, Tertiary White exhibition]

Geometric patterns of circles and squares form an intricate dance, soothingly colored in an earthy palette. There’s a distinct, mathematic logic to the work, reminiscent of da Vinci’s sketches of his inventions. But instead of illuminating scientific notions, these paintings offer more questions than answers. Complex-looking Venn diagrams melt smoothly into cycles of the moon.


Chuck Swanson

Marco coaxes the maximum impact, or drama, out of each piece, with the most minimal and subtle touches of geometry and surface….His paintings look great from a distance as a graphic; and appear seductively rich in composition up close. They’re also very honest and true to his vision. Even though you can sense the lineage of Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn, and even Sean Scully in his works, in the end, they really are all Marco.


Jo Anne Triplett

[feature article: The Art of Tar]

You probably don’t think of tar as an artist’s medium, but in the hands of a young master such as Marco Logsdon, tar becomes the catalyst for paintings saturated with intensely glowing color. Logsdon has devised a difficult process that produces an homage to technique that renders subject matter secondary.

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