Marco applies tar on reclaimed wood -- the first in a series of processes used to create the "Tar Landscapes" series.

Commitment to Environmentally-Friendly Materials and Processes


Marco Logsdon is a lifelong advocate of respecting and safeguarding the environment, and his artwork directly reflects these values. The majority of his paintings are created on reclaimed wood – salvaged from construction site dumpsters, curbsides on garbage days and other unconventional sources. 


Both form and function motivate Marco’s use of reclaimed wood for his paintings. He also hopes to create awareness of the amount of wood and other materials that are destined for the landfill unless someone breaks the cycle and finds a way to put it to use.

BEFORE. Piece of wood salvaged from rooftop of historic home.

AFTER. "Tar Landscape with Deepening Blue Sky."

Oil, Tar, weathered plywood.

What is Eco-Art?


Ecological Art (Eco-Art) is a term used broadly in reference to art that addresses environmental issues. This art often involves collaboration, restoration and frequently has a more "eco-friendly" approach and methodology. 


The EcoArtNetwork goes further to define it as an art practice that embraces an ethic of social justice in both its content and form/materials... created to inspire caring and respect, stimulate dialogue, and encourage the long-term flourishing of the social and natural environments in which we live.

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