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Man and machines have come a long way since the materials I use for my collages were printed.  I use TV/Stereo repair manuals from the 1940s and '50s, along with Anatomy books for artists from about the same period.  I spend a lot of time with the pages as I hand cut each piece and marvel at the machines' intricate workings and the human body's beauty that is just as intricate if we were to take it apart.  Combining the two subjects is a direct metaphor for our lives today as we are lost without our devices (machines) and feel less human or cut off without them.  Many live naked and are exposed to the world with their daily thoughts, pictures, etc.  I often wonder how history will look back on humans as we move into this new machine age.  This disposable electronic age seems to move forward with great leaps and bounds, leaving a mark on the world's waste problem.  Will anything from our current machines feel precious enough to repair and make into future books?  I have my doubts.   

New Works

Hod's regret. Front
Hod's Regret. Side View
Hod's Regret
Adam and Eve in Stereo
Adam and Eve. Side View
Adam and Eve in Stereo
Blue Girls. Front
Blue Girls_edited
Blue Girls
Completion of. Hand Cut Collage on Found Wood.
Completion Of_edited
Completion Of
Pink Boys. Front
Pink Boys_edited
Pink Boys
Marco Logsdon. What if it was the Skinny Boys who Wore the Raspberry Beret...
Skinny Boys
Resistance and Acceptance. Left Panel
Resistance and Acceptance. Middle Panel
Resistance and Acceptance. Right Panel
Resistance and Acceptance. (Triple Panels)

Early Works

human console small one.jpg
human console small nine.jpg
human console small seven.jpg
human console small six.jpg
human console small ten.jpg
human console small thirteen a.jpg
Marco Logsdon.  The Hand that Tunes.  Mixed Media Collage on Wood.jpg
human console small three.jpg
human console small twelve.jpg
human console small two a.jpg
Marco Logsdon.  Death hides in the Machinery. Collage on Found Wood. 14 by 16 in
Marco Logsdon. He and She like TV. Collage on Asbestos Tile. HE.jpg
Marco Logsdon. He and She like TV. Collage on Asbestos Tile.She.jpg
Marco Logsdon. Human Console Back. Mixed Media and Tar. NAP.jpg
Marco Logsdon. Human Console Front.jpg
Marco Logsdon. Red Vertebrae Front and Back.  Collage on Wood. Front only.jpg
Marco Logsdon. Red Vertebrae Front and Back.  Collage on Wood. Back only.jpg
Marco Logsdon.Blue Current Blue Vein.jpg
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