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"Kingmambo" Violin Art Created for Lexington Philharmonic Fundraiser

Horsetails 2010 was a fundraising project that celebrates the unique relationship between the horse, classical music and visual art. Artists were invited to create art from violins. The pieces were auctioned and the proceeds from a Horsetails book also contributed to this fundraiser.

horsetails book.png


Marco Logsdon:

"The idea for the abstract design for the violin piece that represents Kingmambo comes from doing a little research online. I found pictures and an article about Kingmambo and one of his offspring being a major offering at the Keeneland horse sales. I started playing with the idea of blood (red) and the splitting of cells that become an instrument in the process of creating more champions from a stud line. The white area has subtle small rings that also reflect the idea of all things being reduced to their essence in the larger scheme of things."

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