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Bourbon Barrel Public Art Project: Sunrise/Sunset (After the Fire)

Bourbon Barrel Project on Town Branch

Lexington artist Marco Logsdon created Sunrise/Sunset (After the Fire)

Excerpt from the project catalog:

Thousands have been intrigued by the 41 amazing barrels dotting downtown Lexington’s cityscape over the past two months. The history of bourbon and the history of Town Branch have been celebrated and our city is all the richer for these artist’s inspiring visions of Lexington’s past and future. As Lexington’s newest public art project draws to a close, it’s time to set our sights on where these barrels will ultimately age. At The Closing Celebration and Barrel Auction, 33 barrels will be on the auction block looking for a new home!

Of these 33 barrels, three were very proudly decorated by the people of Lexington. These three barrels, along with seven others, will have a lasting impact on and a special meaning to other Lexington arts organizations. Eight very lucky groups have been chosen to directly benefit from the auction of these terrific barrels. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the following barrels will be used to benefit youth arts initiatives of these programs.

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