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Bour-Bon Restaurant (Paris) Features Logsdon Art


Bour-Bon Restaurant is a celebration of the 5 senses. Where people take a journey down historic Paris Pike, on of the top 25 parkways in the country, to the time capsule town of Paris, Kentucky. County Seat of Bourbon County, Paris is named after the capitol of France and the county after the Royal Family of France. Kentucky’s fore fathers celebrated France’s contribution in helping us win our independence by naming one of its first towns and counties in their honor.

At Bour-bon, we are certainly proud of our heritage! One can feel the sense of history on their journey here. Our venue combines three buildings, two built in 1830 and one in 1877, with a new addition to our main dining room combining old and new to create a dining and entertainment space that is rich with texture, exposed brick, hip lighting and warmth with fresh accents and a modern New York feel.

Our restaurant features farm to table dining, sourcing local ingredients while adding our own french flare and using both a wood oven and wood ember grill to bring natural flavor to the food. Our tables have been locally made with wood from felled trees accented by Louis XVI Velvet Chairs.

Our dining room, with a capacity of 170, is lined by french doors made by Sun Window company in Owensboro highlighting the view to our Garden Courtyard. There one can dine al fresco, weather permitting, while watching the ember grill cook the night's meats and vegetables.

Parties and private dining are available through the use of The Chef’s Table, Merringer Room and The Roamer Room. These rooms feature the same style and feel of the dining space in a much more private setting.

Our bar is made by hand from zinc stretching 36 feet, making it one of the longest zinc bars in the world. Our craft cocktail program is one of the best in the country, sourcing only the finest wines and spirits world round. We make our juices fresh daily with our ice program featuring 1 1/4 cubes for less dilution of each drink.

Every cocktail is measured to create an effervescent experience while ensuring that every drink is exactly the same each time. Our cocktail program has been designed by one of the premier bar consultants in the country, Hawthorne Beverage.


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