Untitled 3604-01
SN Rezny
Marco Logsdon. 4 by 6. Red. 2. Oil and Tar on Balsa Wood in Ikea Frame.
Pale Moon. 2016
Orange Sky. 7 Moons. 2016
Marco Logsdon - Untitled 1108
Marco Logsdon. Untitled 5314. Oil, Tar, Beeswax on Panel. 48 inches square.
Marco Logsdon - Blue Tar Landscape
Marco Logsdon - Untitled 1608
Marco Logsdon - Untitled 2905
Tar Landscape w/Orange Sky
Marco Logsdon - Untitled 2208
Marco Logsdon - Circle #3
Marco Logsdon - White Tar Landscapes

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